Music Meme

I decided to do this ipod shuffle meme that has been going around…

1) Olson – Boards of Canada
2)Raga Mahdu-Kauns – Ravi Shankar
3) Track 3 – Kings of Convenience (for some reason no track name here)
4)Go to Sleep – Radiohead
5) into the Rainbow vein – Boards of Canada
6) Njósnavélin Sigur Rós
7) Lonely – Lanterna
8) MOS 6581 – Carbon Based Lifeforms
9)Sparkly – Hope Sandoval
10) The mess we’re in – PJ Harvey

Nice stellar mix there….I’m surprised that more Radiohead didn’t come up as I have a ton of their stuff…them and Boards of Canada are my two musical addictions…..thought ‘The Mess We’re in’ features Thom Yorke from Radiohead as lead vocalist…so it is practically the same thing.

A.’s been working me hard in Mysore it was nice to have a rest day today..I;ve been much more sore lately —and stiff than i have been in quite a while. The cold seems to be bothering my knee a bit…need to be extra careful. Feels nice to be back again and sharing in the group energy again at least once a week.


One Response to “Music Meme”

  1. Missy's Got Fighting Blood Says:

    I want to hear Sparkly. I can’t get this Hope CD over here in the USA. I keep trying to find it. I have everything Hope & Mazzy Star, but this, I can’t get my hands on. I want to hear Sparkly. Lucky you!

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