So the knee crunched popped pretty badly yesterday. I mean WTF, everything was right on the road to recovery…no pains things were feeling good and getting more flexible. I was just stepping out the the car weight on that leg and must have twisted it or something, pop… then pop back in, but lots of pain….bah! Strangely it didn’t really hurt that much later on in the day could have been the ibuprofen and this morning the MCL and I think the edge of the meniscus is sore. I’m icing as we speak….about to take my ibu too…Looks like i’ll be back to just standing postures for awhile. Must be the season change or something. Maybe I’ll just quit this yoga business all together and go back to working out at the gym…blah! might try a short practice later today and see if the knee can handle it.


3 Responses to “Pop”

  1. yogamum Says:

    Uh oh! It sucks to go to all that trouble with the yoga practice and recovery and then pop it getting out of the car.

    Although if it makes you feel any better, my husband broke his foot stretching at the gym, and two weeks later broke the other foot getting off the couch.

  2. Susan Says:

    Yeah, the knees. They are an important part of the yoga practice.
    Keep up the ibuprofen, I usually take about 600mgs when I have a flare up:)
    Good luck Dave!

  3. laksmi Says:

    poor you and your knee. as you know, i am on hiatus due to my knee. i’m glad your blog is back, though. and yeah, snoozin is right with in increased dosing–400to 600mg

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