Recovering from stomach issues all weekend, the knee is screwed. Well, its not really that bad, but I’m feeling very sorry for myself about it. I had been making such progress too.. I will try my best to be present and content despite the setback. I’ve cut my practices back to just standing postures until any pain disappears. Virasana with a block is about the best thing for the knee. It really stretches the muscles around the knee and allows for some space in there. Took a couple days off right after the injury and things sure did stiffen up int he muscles around the knee. My stomach is been weird since Friday I’ve had to give up coffee for a while which has been very enlightening. I realized how addicted to it I’ve become. This is the third day off, and I’m feeling a bit groggy, but not so bad. The second day after I take a break from coffee I usually have alot of sadness come up and I’ll burst into tears at the slightest provocation…the only thing I can deduce from this is that perhaps I use coffee to bottle up some emotions? Who knows. Anyway, I’ll get a chance to see now that I’m taking a break from it. I secretly enjoyed my short practice today…well i guess it wasn’t really a secret, but I did enjoy it. I didn’t feel totally knackered the way I have been lately….perhaps I was doing too much. Another forced break….maybe I can raise some awareness about the line between pushing my edge and exhausting myself.


3 Responses to “Bleh”

  1. S Kelly Says:

    I dont think I use coffee to bottle up emotions but I certainly use it to shoehorn myself out of bed !

  2. Arturo Says:

    Hi Dave
    Funny how coffee withdrawal plays with your emotions. I start the day with herbal tea, but I have some fruit and 1/4 cup of nuts to get something in my stomach. I do that at least two hours before practicing in the morning, to observe the no food prior to practice and give my stomach time to digest. I feel I need it for practice. I have my first coffee cup when I get to the office. In the afternoon I drink caffeinated tea. That seems to work for me. Sorry about your knee problems.

  3. laksmi Says:

    skelly’s in denial. i gave up caffeinated coffee last year and it was rough. i didn’t feel awake for about 4 months. never got a coffee headache, though. now i am still on decaf, but we add about 1/4 caffeinated when we grind at the store. I do also still drink tea. All in all, getting rid of fully caffeinated coffee has been GREAT! No more crashing. I thought that my tiredness was yoga-induced but now I know it was caffein induced.

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