A little bit more

Today I returned to the studio for morning mysore and found myself doing a little bit more than I do in my home practice. This is sort of my deal at the studio, I used to push myself in a very aggressive and obvious way…and also do a lot of comparing (wandering driste syndrome). Well now just have this little urge to do a little bit more…and I did. I’ve been slowly adding a few seated postures, none of which i can do particularly well because of the knee thing. So today i did the Janus and started to do the Marichys, but felt some twinges in the knee. Like a good practitioner I listened to my knee and went into closing/finishing and savasana. The wandering driste thing is getting better, though today we had alot more people in mysore, I think because of this teacher’s intensive that is going on. Some of them had very impressive practices and I couldnt’ help but notice, and of course I ended up comparing myself and feeling demoralized about my crippled practice. I was able to snap out this rather quickly though and come back to my practice and my breath…so this seems like progress and the kind I can really make right now, the internal kind now that the knee is so dodgy.

I am very grateful about going to mysore again..the heat and the group energy is really helping me.


One Response to “A little bit more”

  1. S Kelly Says:

    I hope your knee is better very soon x

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